How to Brush Your Teeth – Spokane

Watch video on YouTube here: How to Brush Your Teeth – Spokane

Looking for a Spokane Dentist? Call 509.563.7151. How to Brush Your Teeth WHY to Brush Regularly * Not just for white teeth or fresh breath * Important for your health * Removes bacteria that causes gum disease, cavities, and could cause you to lose your teeth Use the Right Tools * A good toothbrush with soft nylon bristles * Avoid “natural” bristles * Replace brush as bristles start to splay * Use toothpaste with fluoride * Use Dental floss Proper Brushing Technique * Small amount of toothpaste * Bristles at gum line and a 45-degree angle * Bristles flat for molars * 3 minute minimum * Brush your tongue Finish up * Rinse with water swish, and spit out the water * Rinse the toothbrush * Rinse with mouthwash * Or rinse with salt water Brush Daily * At minimum, morning and night * Ideally also after mid-day meal Other tags: Spokane Dentist Dentists in Spokane Sedation denist in Spokane Spokane, WA Dentist Dentists in Spokane, WA Sedation denist in Spokane, WA


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